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5 Bahrain Spots Where You Can Get Halloumi Fries For The Ultimate Savoury Snack

You’ve probably had halloumi in a sandwich or on top of a salad before, but these cheesy fried sticks of goodness are sort of the next level. Halloumi fries have been dominating the side snack game recently as they are SUPER satisfying, delicious, and make such a great companion to any take-out order!

Forget sweet potato fries and mozzarella sticks (although both delicious) but it’s all about the halloumi fries this summer. Halloumi in general is pretty healthy since it contains 0 carbs and lots of protein, making it a great low carb snack!

Next time you’re craving fries, opt for these crispy and delicious halloumi fries that you can order or pick up from these 5 spots in Bahrain.

Keep reading to find out where to get DELICIOUS halloumi fries on the island!

1. Oak Restaurant

They got not one but TWO types of unique halloumi fries! One dressed in a balsamic reduction and avocado dressing and one that’s topped with labneh, zaatar, and pomegranate. YUM.

WHERE: Riffa
Order for delivery here.

2. Bucho’s Street Food

This popular shawarma and doner spot also makes halloumi fries that are to die for! Definitely keep them in mind next time you visit this spot.

WHERE: Riffa | Saar
Order for delivery here.

3. Garmity Restaraunt

This Riffa spot serves up a plate of the crunchiest halloumi fries and complimented well with 3 sauces for a burst of flavor including a zaatar mayo, mint, a balsamic glaze. Caution: mouthwatering image below.

WHERE: West Riffa
Order for delivery here.

4. Jaffles

You can order a plate of halloumi fries from this sandwich shop and finish completely satisfied. Have them on the side of a Jaffle!

WHERE: Hala Plaza, Zinj
Order for delivery here.

5. Wrap & Dip Snacks

Mmm. This Riffa spot grills their halloumi and tosses it in with a few veggies in a cup, and although its not entirely in the fries category, its worth a mention as it is also a tasty and savoury halloumi snack!

WHERE: Deebal Ave, Riffa
Order for delivery here.

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