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Local X Local: Bahraini Comedian Imran Aradi Talks About The Comedy Scene In The Region

If you’re a fan of comedy and live in Bahrain, you’ve probably heard of Imran Aradi, a Bahrain-based comedian that is building the comedy scene in the Kingdom, one chuckle at a time.

For our third episode of the weekly talk show, Local X Local, Imran Aradi joins hosts Shahed and Dima to talk about how he got his start in comedy, how accepting has it been with the local crowd, and what important qualities a comedian (or anyone) must have for growth and success.

The stand-up comedy scene in Bahrain has started to pick up in the past decade

While the Kingdom did see big name comedians come in like the Axis of Evil Tour guys and Russel Peters, there’s also an emerging group of local talent who begun organizing their own comedy community to be able to perform, which is something Imran was a part of.

Keep scrolling to read a little of what went down during this episode and listen to the podcast below!

Aradi’s start into comedy came from MCing on stage

He started getting calls to perform stand-up and he later did two major shows in Bahrain, as well as toured around the region to perform comedy.

He reveals his favorite comedians that he looks up to

From listening to an MP3 of Eddie Murphy’s delirious, and to naming Rowan Atkinson as an absolute legend, he explains why these stars are his comedy heroes.

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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