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Local X Local: Hessa Al Khalifa Discusses Bahraini Cuisine and Food Culture On The Island

Bahrain is known for its diverse food culture with SO many cuisine options to choose from!

With lots to discover, the island has some prominent social media figures who show the rest of us in the Kingdom what’s good and new to try out, and if you follow food bloggers online from Bahrain, you’ve probably heard of Hessa Al Khalifa, AKA @curiouslyhungry.

This episode of Local X Local, we sit down with Hessa who is a trained chef, foodie, and overall, like most of us, curiously hungry

While speaking, we find out Hessa is a total open book when it comes to her experiences in the culinary world and what brought up her fascination with cooking.

Scroll down below to get to learn more about Bahrain’s food culture and Hessa’s passionate contributions to it, and listen to the episode at the bottom!

Hessa has a vision for Bahraini cuisine to go international

We discuss the food that’s originated in Bahrain over the years from Safi Fish, Balaleet, and more, and how these comfort food staples should be found around the world, just how we’ve come to embrace Hawaiian Poke and Acai bowls, and many more diverse cuisines on the island.

She also discusses the infamous event in Bahrain ‘At The Table’

As well as other projects on the horizon for the multitalented foodie.

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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