These Artists Took Photos Of Bahraini Residents In The Same Setting And Here’s Why They Did It

Have you ever looked at an outdoor space and thought: “this would be such a great place for a photoshoot!” Well, Bahrain-based architect Ali and artist Camille have and the results are absolutely breathtaking.

Photos A La Chair is a community event in Bahrain that connects people, art, and nature together, preserving the moment through photography.

This portrait is one of many taken at the Dino Park at Hidd in January, their latest event to date

Photos A La Chair was sparked through the idea of interactive art installations

The idea’s inception came through Al Riwaq Gallery’s 2017 outdoor exhibition ‘Nest Festival’ in Adliya. Ali was working on an outdoor art installation and they were considering to have a series of events to activate the installation space in which Camille also working on the festival pitched the idea of Photos A La Chair, and voila, the event was born.

How creative!

Could you have a public art session in Bahrain that was a one-day event with no need for any institutional support – only artists? That was the beginning of the idea.

Ali Karimi, Photos A La Chair organizer

Each event is unique from the other, explores different areas in Bahrain, and features different installations by different artists

This unique photo shoot which doesn’t even look to be in Bahrain but it really is! It was shot at Karzakkan.

While this project has been stalled during COVID-19, they will resume the event when its safe to do so

You can soon be part of the installation to get your artistic portrait taken, like this cuute one at the Barbar Photo A La Chair.

We discussed the concept with Ali who says this event is meant to be informal and casual, a one-time experiment

The event acts almost as a monthly incubator for different public spaces – activating them, experimenting and bringing people to places they would rarely go otherwise. We enjoyed the first event and wanted to do another, and then another.

Ali Karimi, Photos A La Chair organizer

And as to why it’s called Photos A La Chair?

Well, the name is a playful cross between Arabic/French/English: on a chair, a la chair, على chair. It’s so fitting!

Check out the rest of the photos here

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