A Deep Dive For A Good Cause! A Local Diver Films His Oceanic Explorations And The Results Are Gorgeous

They say “there’s more beneath the surface” and that couldn’t be more true to the underwaters of our oceans! Living on an island, many residents and Kingdom visitors have taken an interest to explore ocean floors and appreciate the world’s beauty.

As a matter of fact, Bahrain has some of the most beautiful marine life, fish species, and coral reefs out there! The country even takes underwater exploration to a whole new level to experience this with the MANY diving centers on the island.

It’s safe to say, Bahrain has many avid divers setting out to explore our waters, like local diver Mohamed AlSaati who films his underwater explorations with his diving buddies and shares them on social media.

Check out the INCREDIBLE footage taken around Bahrain showing underwater life

He’s shared with us what he does in hopes of raising awareness on the marine life around us and saying he thinks diving is a great way of “thinking and appreciate what we have underwater.” Well said!

Mohamed has been diving for a while and always made a point to record what goes on down there

He adds “Because no one gets to see it, I decided to keep making videos to show people and get them to hopefully join the community”

Just so breathtaking!

Diving is also an opportunity to make small changes and keeping the bio life clean

Mohamed and other divers also do good when exploring by saving fish trapped in illegal fishing cages found on the preserved marine park and pick up litter they find. Truly eye-opening!

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