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Bahrain Launched The World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park And You Have To Take A Dive There ASAP

Bahrain Launched The Largest Underwater Park localbh

Seas the day and go with the flow.


This incredible park calls for one an unforgettable experience ahead to all diver enthusiasts.

Bahrain has finally opened Dive Bahrain, an underwater theme park that is unique and can’t be experienced anywhere else, and is open to anyone who wants go check it out!

A Boeing 747 submerged underwater is the first and largest aircraft to be used as an artificial reef covering 100,000 square meters and includes eco-friendly sculptures while planning to add deconstructed ships and a traditional pearl merchant house submerged underwater providing a safe space all for coral reef growth and habitat for marine life. It’s also a cool experience to dive around there!

Register with one of the licensed local dive companies and clubs to dive and explore the artificial reef, inside the Boeing 747 and to check out the marine habitat at the Dive Bahrain park.

Contact registered Dive Centers here for more information.