Taylor Swift Surprised Fans With A Quarantine Album And Became Most Streamed Artist In Less Than 3 Days

Even though 2020 has been an intense year (and we’re only half way through, you guys), there has been some good that came out of it. Like Taylor Swift dropping a BANGER album that she produced while in isolation at home and it’s literally the album of the year.

Taylor giving us the album titled Folklore has been what we all needed honestly. She made the announcement on social media saying “In isolation my imagination has run wild and this album is the result” Beautiful!

Fans went WILD when they heard the album! Scroll down for are some of their reactions.

This Twitter user that Taylor Swift-ified the famous Marilyn Monroe quote

The successful duo artists Tegan and Sara applauds Taylor for her creativity during this time

This tweet which we can ALL relate to

When your neighbours aka roomies check in on you after listening to the album for hours

The album became an overnight sensation and Taylor quickly broke the record for first-day album streams by a female artist on Spotify, sold over 1.3 million copies globally in 24 hours, streamed 80.6 times on Spotify on the first day, and streamed 35.4 times on Apple Music.

After all that Scooter Braun drama, she definitely deserves all the success!

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