Drake Raps In Arabic On His New Single ‘Only You Freestyle’ And The Internet Couldn’t Handle It

Drake always finds a way to top whatever viral thing he did in the past. First, he gave us the Hotline Bling music video which quickly turned into many memes, then came the Toosie Slide challenge on TikTok, he sang in Spanish, and now he’s adding rapping in Arabic to his list of accomplishments too!

Drake released a new track and music video for ‘Only You Freestyle’ with rapper Headie One where Drake raps in Arabic!

He says “Arabic ting told me that I look like Youssef, look like Hamza, Habibti please, ana akeed, inti wa ana ahla” (I’m sure you and I are better)

Habibti, please.

People on social media had mixed reactions to this and its hilarious

Some fans where so into it!

Others made hilarious meme reactions like this one

“Drake adding fluent in French and Arabic on his CV”

One Twitter user complimented the rapper on his versatility

Watch the entire video below