New Book Alert! Bahrain’s Suha Al Khalifa Wrote A Fantastic Novel And It’s Available To Order Through Jashanmal Bookstores

Bahraini Suha Al Khalifa’s new fictional novel Heir of Darkness is now available to purchase after much anticipation! The gothic fantasy is an exciting novel co-written by her husband Richard Bellamy and is set in the 18th century on a mountain range deep in the Alps.

The story in itself is about lost souls searching for love, family, and acceptance who go through the tribunes of life to reach their ambition, ultimately bringing together the living, dead and the undead through the adventures in the story.

The book was published this week and already getting rave reviews

This novel was difficult to put down. The characters were exceptionally well-drawn, letting the reader feel their emotions and conflicts, to the point that even the most evil individual could evoke empathy. The action was relentless throughout the book, barely giving the reader time to rest.

Sublime Book Review of Heir of Darkness

The soon-to-be best selling author holds seven screenplays and two novels under her belt

Oh did we mention she’s a psychotherapist too with an MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling?

In a recent interview with NDA Global, the writer, producer, filmmaker whose upbringing in Bahrain, the UK, and the US, says her global experiences influence the stories she writes and enjoys bringing different worlds together to explore the psychologies of an individual.

Suha Al Khalifa was an executive producer at Bahrain TV during her early career

Currently, she is a screenwriter for MBC, having written an entire season of the TV drama Rashash, set to air in 2021.

Watch a trailer for the book below narrated by Suha’s daughter Latifa

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