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Summer’s Almost Here & You Can Book to Learn How to Wakeboard or Wakesurf in Durrat

Some water sports to get us ready for summer

‘Cause it’s safe to say that the weather is getting relatively warm right now. Which means – it’s time for some water sports. This local business is gearing us up for summer with a couple of experiences: learning the ropes of wakeboarding and surfing in a wakeboat! This is happening all the way out in Durrat al Marina in Durrat al Bahrain, so we know we’ll be surrounded by a lot of water and pretty beaches.

You can book a session to go wakeboarding, or even learn wakesurfing and the team will help you practice a few new things on the water! Many people, including Omar Farooq, have booked sessions with Wakeboat and absolutely loved the experience – so we know we’re all in good hands here. And, for all you wakeboarding or surfing enthusiasts, you can even order a board from Wakeboat! You can contact them on 34444506 for more information.

Wakeboat’s Ramadan timings are between 3:30pm until sunset! DM them HERE to book.

Be safe!

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