The 15 Best Tweets & Moments from Last Night’s Oscars

A lot of glass ceilings broken this year

The 93rd Academy Awards took place last night and it was a pretty historic evening in terms of diversity. More people of color and women won this year than every other year before – and a lot went down. Twitter did what it always does and provided the best commentary! Scroll to check out some of the best tweets:

We’re starting with some red carpet comparisons, of course:

Including this adorable moment:

Brad Pitt was a little late when coming out to present:

Then, this moment happened:

…causing everyone to freak out:

& this sassy comeback:

Anthony Hopkins had better plans, though:

Honestly, same…

& twitter really made the most of it:

Luckily, he got a chance to post his acceptance speech when he woke up this morning:

Chloe Zhao became the first woman of color to win the Award for Best Director:

Emerald Fennell also became the first woman to win ‘Best Original Screenplay’ since 2007:

‘My Octopus Teacher’ won Best Documentary & someone was missing from the acceptance speech:

Frances McDormand made sure she stayed safe:

& Riz Ahmed got this consolation for going home empty handed:

Finally, Her stunned us with this homage to Prince:

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