12 Tweets That Perfectly Describe How We All Feel During Ramadan

Ramadan is finally here and if there’s anything we can count on every year, it’s that twitter will come through with the best and most relatable moments. We all need a little bit of humor in our lives and sometimes the perfect place to find that is the internet. We’ve gathered some that’ll probably make you chuckle while you wait for the clock to strike 6 (… as in futoor time) – Scroll to check our faves out:

All the cooking seeping it’s way onto social media

That younger sibling envy is real

The last few minutes are always the hardest

The feeling when you gotta celebrate a special occasion while fasting

Who actually dresses up for suhoor though?

That groggy feeling when you wake up to eat at 3am

& this one over here, too:

The real cultural divide

The feeling when you’re more ambitious than your stomach can handle

The procrastination is real, though

This iconic masterpiece:

Finally, isn’t this all of us?

Ramadan Kareem, everyone!

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