Our Ramadan Nights Are About to Get Hype With This Bahraini Card Game

Some Ramadan competition?


Brought to you by the newest card game in town: Asra3 Sare3! Some locals put something special together to add a bit of hype to our Ramadan nights this month – by way of a Bahraini card game! Some anxiousness may come with this one, so make sure you’re ready.

The question is, are you fast enough?

This game is all about speed. What’s cool about this one is that it comes with both an Arabic and an English set – for both us chicken nuggets and us 3arabos out here! 4-6 players can partake in this game, and the key is to be quicker than your opponents.

Sit in a circle, pass all the cards out face down and place the mini bean bag (MBB) in the middle. Start flipping your cards over, and as soon as two players get matching symbols, one of them needs to grab the MBB and give an example of the opponent’s symbol. The person with the correct example keeps the card, but you gotta return the MBB and keep playing if it’s incorrect – and so on! The player with the most cards by the end, wins the game. They’ve got all the details on how to play on the IG account’s highlights – so check those out for the exact know-how.

DM the Asra3 Sare3 team HERE to get the game ASAP.

Play nice – or just play fair!

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