This Bahraini Illustrator Collaborated With the Instagram Design Team & Made Us Some Ramadan Stickers

‘Reppin local

With a global presence! Hala AlAbassi, a Bahraini illustrator, has collaborated with the Instagram design team to produce some stickers that are super Ramadan-centered! Inspired by her favorite aspects of the holy month, she created some stickers that reflect on the special moments throughout the month, the nights of celebration and everything that makes us love this time of year.

Instagram’s design team talked about the collaboration, saying:

Ramadan Kareem! We worked with @haluulie to create 3 new stickers so that you can share the traditions of Ramadan on Instagram. Hala AlAbbasi, an illustrator in Bahrain, was inspired by her favorite aspects of the holiday, and chose to reflect on the “beautiful moments that we share together.” Hala hopes that her stickers will be used throughout Ramadan to mark moments of celebration, from greetings to special suhoors and iftars, all the way to celebrating Eid.

@design – Instagram

If you use the stickers throughout the month, your stories will appear on a ‘Ramadan’ shared story, with stories by others you follow who’ve used the stickers as well!

It doesn’t stop here for Hala, though – the rest of her work is super detailed and discusses different social topics – by way of art! Her eye for and interest in the fashion industry is apparent as well, what with many of her illustrations focusing on fashion, women in fashion and the industry in general – and it’s all beautiful!

We’re proud of all our local creators producing work and putting it out there for us!

Once again, Ramadan Kareem!

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