Ramadan Is Here & The MOH Has a Few Updates for Us to Keep in Mind

The Ministry of Health made some announcements last night that are set to go into practice starting today. Basically, during the holy month they’ve established new timings and protocols to make all COVID-related processes easier for everyone. Starting today, testing and vaccination sites will operate with new timings. Testing and vaccination timings will be split into to two slots before and after iftar.

Additionally, starting today – all second doses of the Sinopharm and Covishield-AstraZeneca vaccines that are scheduled at the Exhibition & Convention Center will now be moved to designated health centers around the Kingdom. Check out the graphic below for more information:

The Ministry also emphasized the importance of staying safe and socially distanced during the holy month. It advised keeping family gatherings limited to those living in a single household as well as avoiding ghabgas and gergaoon gatherings.

Stay safe, guys!

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