Love the Sustainable Lifestyle and Want to Vogue It This Ramadan? We Have it Sorted for You

LW Golden Grass has its products carefully handcrafted with authentic Golden grass

Golden Grass is a delicate flowering plant whose stem has a metallic shine and a natural golden color that resembles a gold wire, how cool is that? Not just that, this plant is native to Brazil and is an important source of income for about 500 families.

It is strong structured and pretty durable to be handcrafted, hence why it has been turned into a luscious piece of jewelry. Even though this masterpiece is grown only in Brazil and protected by law to regulate proper cutting time, we can get it right here on our island! Thanks to LW Golden Grass.

This timeless fair-trade jewelry is made with golden grass plant, occasionally local gemstones, 18 karat gold plated metals that are nickel free (non-allergenic).

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy handcrafted jewelry so it’s kind of the same thing

They have a range of dainty and eccentric necklaces, earrings, bracelets, tiaras, hair clips that will go perfectly with your Jalabiyas this month, Oh, And let’s not forget their really cool home decors. That’s right! Our homes making it fashun, too! Owning this elegant jewelry will not only make you feel glamorous, but also gratify you for actively participating in the social and economic environment in the region of Jalapão, Brazil. So, everyone, let’s make this world a better place – but in style.

Ethics + Aesthetics = Sustainable Fashion

They are also contributing to make the local economy self-sustainable, eco-friendly and socially responsible by working with registered artisans only! They are giving us the honor of supporting this initiative as a portion of their sales is given back in gratitude to this community in Brazil, as an incentive to their development, all we have to do is support and buy this exquisite piece of art.

Let’s join this socially driven venture and feel beautiful on the inside & out