Bahrain Is About to Welcome Ramadan With Cannons & You Can Watch It Happen Live

We’re counting down to the holy month

That means fasting, a whole lotta desserts and some impressive displays to welcome Ramadan. A Ministry of Interior official confirmed that Bahrain will fire cannons in 4 spots around the island starting tomorrow. Two have been confirmed so far – Arad Fort and The Avenues. The two other locations will be announced later on.

Swipe through the carousel to see how it went down at the Avenues last year:

You can go watch it happen live – given that you wear your mask and follow social distancing The ceremony will also be broadcast

The Tradition of the Cannon being fired to herald the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan is preformed all around the Arab World. It’s then done each day to announce the breaking of the fast at sunset. It goes back to the days when people didn’t have all the technology to know exactly when to break their fast – so the sound of a cannon was the fastest way to get the message across.

Ramadan Kareem, in advance!

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