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If You’re About to Miss Breakfast During Ramadan Here Are 11 Local Spots to Get Waffles at

A classic breakfast treat!

Although, who says we can only have them for breakfast? In terms of waffles, the flavor options are endless – both sweet and savory – so we can have them at any time during the day. In any case, Bahrain is filled with a whole lotta waffle spots that deserve loads of hype. We have a full list of the only best around the island, scroll to check them out:

Red Croissant Bakery

For the first time in Bahrain, Croffles are now available in Red Croissant! It is a delicious mix between croissants and waffles. Definitely the one to try ASAP!

The Orangery

A savory version? The Orangery’s hooking us up with this falafel waffle – fully equipped with poached eggs and a tahini-peri peri dressing on top.

The Grub Shack

Chicken and waffles are always a good idea! These are super hard to find in Bahrain, so get your hands on them over at Grub Shack in Hamala!

Crust and Crema

Another one right here. Super crispy cereal battered chicken served with waffles over at Crust and Crema, doesn’t get better than this!


You can find Crepele literally ALL around Bahrain and they’ve got a whole lotta options – from treats to desserts to drinks!


Dessert galore – the perfect place to be if your sweet tooth runs strong!


Cinecafe’s got you covered with waffles that are out of this world. It goes waaay beyond waffles in here – you’ll get all forms of crepe delicacies, chocolate fondue, cake-y concoctions and obviously, waffles to celebrate the day! A go-to for all Bahrainis, really.

Johnny Custard

YUM! This video would make anyone crave waffles right away. Johnny Custard’s got a remarkable variety of desserts.


Another spot that has one of the best food mash-ups we’ve seen so far – you can get your croffles at Karmah! They make a perfect on-the-go snack!

Sugar Therapy

Sugar Therapy is a food truck over in Janabiyah, it not only has the prettiest neon aesthetic – but also serves up the best dessert creations!


A one-of-a-kind treat over here, Oak has black velvet waffles topped with cream cheese frosting, homemade cookies & cream ice cream.

Happy bingeing!

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