This Painter’s Fake Picasso Piece Made It to an Auction & It Was Valued at 1 Million Euros

Who’s fooling who here?

Art forgery is a pretty big challenge in the creative world, and it’s said to make up about 50% of artworks in the market… At this day and age, though, there are obviously authentication services that help verify and keep things in check. Nonetheless, forgeries still happen and often times get by successfully.

VICE had an interview with a couple of art forgers who paint countless pieces by renowned artists, many of which can hardly be distinguished from the original – they pretty much look like exact replicas. One of them remade a Picasso piece, gave it to a friend, and it was sold and taken to an auction where it was valued at 1 million Euros. No typo. Both have created and sold many of the same on eBay and other platforms, saying they’ve sold them “in the style of” or “after the artist.” So, if it goes through to an auction with no questions, they get to make some money… or, well, 1 million Euros.

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