You Won’t Believe That These Celebrities Are The Same Age

What even is time?


These are mostly celebrities we either follow, see on social media, or actually keep up with on the daily… Did we ever even think to make connections about who’s the same age as who? Well, we checked some of them out and a few of these kinda blew our minds. Scroll to check these out and experience the same time warp as we did:

Cardi B & Cole Sprouse

Both are 28 years old.

Pete Davidson & Justin Bieber

Both are 27 years old.

Eminem & The Rock

Both are 48 years old.

Will Smith & Tony Hawk

Both are 58 years old.

Madonna & Ellen

Both are 63 years old.

George Clooney & Barak Obama

Both are 59 years old.

Kate Upton & Selena Gomez

Both are 28 years old.

Gigi Hadid & Post Malone

Both are 25 years old.

Jay-Z & Matthew Perry

Both are 51 years old.

Adele & Vanessa Hudgens

Both are 32 years old.

We’re not sure about you, but this majorly threw us off. We’re not sure about the meaning of time anymore.

Well… we hope this brought you as much disbelief as we felt

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