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We Asked You Where the Best Dentists in Bahrain Were & Here Are Your Top 15

Well, you guys really didn’t hold back with this one


If you’re looking for a sign to get your teeth cleaned, this is DEFINITELY it. We asked you where we can find the best dentists in town, and you guys REALLY pulled through with the ultimate list of Bahrain’s most reputable. We filtered through about 500 comments, and narrowed it down to the top, suggested by YOU and compiled by US, of course.

La Clinique

Okay, this was one of the most recommended clinics by many of you, ands we’re not surprised! La Clinique will basically take care of any & all dental issues you’ve got going on behind that smile of yours!! According to them, this is “Where Your Smile Begins.”


Al Aradi Dental & Cosmetic Center

Another reputable and highly recommended clinic, there are many go-to dentists here that we keep hearing about! Dentist Bisher is amongst the most popular over here, along with Dr. S. Vijayashri Sakthi and, of course, Dr. Moe Aradi himself.

WHERE: Salmabad

Dr. Lamya’s Dental Clinic

One of the greatest laser & dental clinics in town, and again, highly recommended by many of you guys – definitely a go-to is you’re looking for aesthetic dental fixes!

WHERE: Janabiyah

Nova Medical Center

Nova is one of the biggest medical centers in Bahrain, spanning across multiple fields like laser & everything-dermatology, along with dental. Many of you guys recommended it, so it your next appointment should definitely be over here!


Al Fardan Dental Center

A dental center where you’ll find one of Bahrain’s best orthodontists, Dr. Abbas Al Fardan! BONUS: Follow Dr. Abbas’s daughter, Layal, who is about to be Bahrain’s newest tooth fairy! Click HERE for the dentistry sneak peaks you need.


Dr. Talal Al Alawi Dental Center

From orthodontics, cosmetics and all general services we’d really look for, this is another specialized clinic! They’ve got a couple of branches – you’ll find Dr. Talal in Tubli and Dr. Munther in Manama!

WHERE: Tubli

Dr. Ali Mattar Dental Center

One of the most relied upon dentists in Bahrain, Dr. Ali Mattar himself has been a consultant since 1986! So, goes to show the level of expertise you’re gonna get when you visit him!!

WHERE: Gudaibiya

Seef Dental

Another reputable dental center in Bahrain, and this one is even loved by all the youngsters! You’ll find all the kids showing smiles with the dentists over here.


Dr. Ammar Alekri Dental Center

Obviously, the first thing we hope for when visiting the dentist is to leave with a bright smile… that’s clearly what you’re getting over here!!

WHERE: Tubli

Haffadh Specialized Dental Center

Dr. Munem Haffadh is another go-to dentist in Bahrain, his name is one we kept hearing growing up! He’s got your braces routine covered and the other dentists there are specialized to take care of everything else you need, as well!

WHERE: Sanabis

Dr. Mohammed Rajab Dental Center

A well-rounded dental specialist, favorited by many in Bahrain and we got a lot of you recommending him, as well!

WHERE: Manama

Dental House

If you follow Dental House on Instagram, you’d be getting a lot of pro-tips on how to keep your teeth protected! Let’s just say they go above and beyond to make sure everything behind that smile is tended to – top dental care over here, by the specialists themselves!


Ceram Specialist Dental Center

A lot of experience in cosmetic dentistry right here & specifically, gum treatment – not to mention they deem themselves the best in Bahrain for anyone looking to get that Hollywood Smile!


Dental Club Bahrain

MANY specialized dentists are gathered over at this clinic – each with years of experience on their side! All you need to do is check out their page and get a little snippet of what you’d get when you visit!

WHERE: Busaiteen

Ibtisama Dental

If you’re looking to step up your braces game, Ibtisama is the first and only Invisalign Diamond II provider in Bahrain!


Well, there you have it. Your certified dentist go-to list. You guys really came through here – like, REALLY. All you have to do now is go out, get those teeth cleaned, and hopefully show us those pearly whites when you’re done.

Don’t forget to floss!!!!

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