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We Asked You What Your Fave Local Steakhouse Was & Here Are The Top 10

Just in time for the re-opening of indoor dining

Okay, this was a competitive one. We’ve called upon all local carnivores and meat lovers to give us their expert opinion on the best steakhouses in town – again, you came in strong! Scroll to check out some of the best steakhouses in town – LocalBH-readers approved:

The Don Steakhouse

Wow! The amount of responses for this spot were super overwhelming. Apparently, LocalBH readers not only love steak but especially love The Don. You can visit this spot in District 1, Juffair.

A true underrated spot right here! If you’re a meat-lover, the Steakers are a must-visit. They’ve got carnivore dessert too, Fida (LocalBH editor in chief) is still dreaming about their bacon-wrapped-oreos!

The Meat Co

An establishment that truly stood the test of time in Bahrain – which can only mean good things. The Meat Co. has been around in Adliya for years now and it still remains one of the best steakhouses on the island!

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

When a world renowned, Michelin awarded, chef comes to Bahrain we just have to be there. Cut by Wolfgang puck is not only one of the best spots for steak, it’s one of the best restaurants around. When you go, make sure you get a side of their mac ‘n cheese – trust us!


A true hidden gem, Manos in the Rugby club in Saar has some of the best steak around. Not to mention, you’ll get a bang for your buck over here!

Fat Cow

Fat Cow is a go-to steakhouse in Juffair!! We’re not sure what eating at this spot says about you as a person, judging by its name, but we hear good things so we’re nothing less…

The Butcher Shop & Grill

A classic steakhouse right in the middle of City Center (top floor, near the cinema). From our experience, they’ve got a delicious “sides” game, with the best mashed potatoes and pretty good creamed spinach.

Black Angus

A gem in Seef area. Juicy steak, juicy burgers and even grills & kebabs!! Basically a whole array of the good stuff for all meat lovers – even dessert to top it off!

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse has got unlimited peanuts, unlimited rolls – as in, rolls so soft it feels like you’re eating actual clouds. They come with cinnamon butter that’s not really like anything you’ve tasted in Bahrain!!

Torino Restaurant & Lounge

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