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We Asked You What Your Fave Local Brunch Spot Was & Here Are The Top 10


We’re sensing the end of winter and beginning of spring… or are we just jumping to summer around here? Either way, brunch! The weather is still (relatively) lovely, and Bahrain has a bunch of brunch-worthy gems. We asked and you came through with exactly what we wanted to hear!! Scroll to check them out:

The Orangery

The Orangery will top any brunch list, honestly. The majority of you called this one out, so by default we had to start here! The Orangery has got a whole afternoon tea setup that we’ll forever be dreaming about, and their locations come with the best views… Good food and good views, is there a better combo?

Cafe Lilou

The classic, go-to spot and any local can vouch for that. Whether you’re at Cafe Lilou for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or just coffee and dessert… you’re walking away satisfied. Not to mention, the entire table will call for a photo, every single time.

Hopscotch Rustic Kitchen

We told you guys once before that Hopscotch is somewhat of a baked-goods heaven, and that’s truer now more than ever… Hopscotch is not only one of the most relaxing places to chill at in Saar. Brunch goals over here – you might catch a LocalBH spotting over here, ’cause we’re Hopscotch additcts!

Lumee Street Cafe

This is most probably where you’ll find us at every Friday. Lumee curated the perfect menu for Bahraini food – and we honestly will never stop craving their Karak pot.


Brunch at Palmetto is somewhat of a sight for sore eyes… Their dishes look perfect and so many people recommended it, so we know they TASTE good, too. Also, if you remember our “best cookies” list, Palmetto was on there and let us tell you… some of the BEST cookies we’ve had in Bahrain. A lot of chocolate in all the right places!!

Nomad Urban Eatery

Nomad has so many options on their menu that you’d never go wrong here. We know we said “brunch,” but dessert comes FIRST over here.


With smoothies to give you that morning kick and, of course, coffee. Maybe it’s the branding, too, but Karmah’s got us hooked!!


The swing chairs alone create a whole vibe here… We’re here for the french toast, though. We don’t know why but it’s the blueberry ice cream cone on top of the dish that keeps us coming back…

Crust & Crema

Crust & Crema, also favorited by many of you, and for good reason!! Another menu filled with the best brunch dishes, and even some of the best açai bowls in Bahrain, hands down!

My Cafe

Recently, My Cafe is all we see when we open anyone’s Instagram stories. Not only is the food delicious, but their outdoor garden area is now the new thing and all the locals know it!!

Happy brunching!

Most importantly, stay safe!

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