This American-Style Uni In Bahrain Will Introduce New Degree Programs

This is for all you high schoolers looking for the next best thing

You’ve probably already heard of it – seeing as it’s the first completely American-style university in Bahrain… BUT, in case you didn’t, The American University of Bahrain is the first university that brings an entire American-uni experience to Bahrain. The campus itself is built to maximize those ‘study abroad’ vibes.

We visited AUBH on a day where we were feeling a certain type of college nostalgia, and we asked the admin some questions – they told us that for a student to be able to attend AUBH, all they really have to do is ensure that they meet the entry criteria, fill out the application form and the admin will take care of the rest!

The upcoming courses are still subject to HEC approval, of course, but they have an exciting line-up

3 Master’s programs could be introduced very soon:

  • MBA
  • Engineering Management
  • Multimedia Management

AUBH is also aiming to introduce a few new Bachelor’s courses in the fall, check them out:

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resources
  • Bachelor of Administration in Digital Marketing and Social Media

Like the Master’s programs, these are also subject to HEC approval. Once that comes through, AUBH will be loaded with a list of some of the best Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for you to choose between!

We asked the admin about the best ways for a prospective student to apply, and they told us you’d be able to apply online through the student portal application, or you can even visit them on campus where they’ll personally walk you through the process.

One of AUBH’s newest processes is the transfer of credits – if you’re currently enrolled in another university, just get your current transcripts and course syllabi to the AUBH admin team, and they’ll help you through the process of transferring!

Keep in mind: if you’re a university transfer and accepted to transfer into AUBH, you’d be able to start during the summer semester. If you’re a freshman, however, your time is in September. At the end of the day, applications are open for everyone who’d like a glimpse of what AUBH has to offer – all you have to do is send in your application!!

If you’ve been eyeing AUBH, now’s the time to apply

Click HERE to discover AUBH’s newest courses and how to register!