These Scientists Are Tryna Build A Genetic Back-Up Of Earth On The Moon…

Basically, Noah’s Ark but in space

Okay guys, this is kinda crazy but engineers from the University of Arizona have proposed a plan to literally back up all the genetic info on Earth to the moon – like it was a hard disk or something. The proposed project plans to cryogenically preserve the genetic information of 6.7 MILLION species in tunnels under the moon’s surface. This will be done as a final measure to prepare for the unlikely chance that Armageddon hits!

You can check out the plans for the super ambitious project below:

The project, dubbed “modern global insurance policy” was proposed earlier this month, but it’s in need of some more planning – scientists say they’ll need at least 50 rockets to ONLY send out all the samples.

Meanwhile, we can’t even back up our own camera roll….


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