Check This Out: The NSSA Is Giving Local Students A Chance To ‘Code In Space’

Space Mania is at an all time high

Bahraini students now have a chance to get in on the action! Bahrain’s National Space Science Agency just announced the competition in partnership with Orbital Space. The competition is open to high school and university students in Bahrain who can submit their proposals, which will be uploaded to a nanosatellite orbiting Earth!

The primary aim for the competition is to come up with a new concept or a solution for a current challenge or limitation in the satellite industry!

Applicants have a lot of options in terms of submission,s from games, apps, satellite communications and even investigations! The code’s signals will be transmitted right back to Earth – where they can be received by EVERYONE.

Submissions can be individual or team based but should include a mentor! You can submit your profile to submit your application by clicking HERE.

Good luck!

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