Try Not To Cringe At These Early 2000s Fashion Trends

It’s harder than you think….

Fashion is always changing and evolving – we’re not wearing what we wore 2 years ago, let alone two whole decades ago! Early 2000s fashion definitely had it’s own vibe – it was super maximalist and colorful and looking back, a little bit cringe-inducing…


We’ve compiled a list of the best (or worst) 2000s trends, scroll through to reminisce:

These Juicy Couture tracksuits

These were ALL the rage, every girl was dying to get her hands on one of these tracksuits, & low-key, we might need them to come back…

Vests… especially the cropped style

Vests over t-shirts, vests over tank tops and worst of all, vests alone…

Dresses over jeans

Why didn’t we wear the dress alone??? Or a shirt instead?? These are the questions history might never be able to answer…

The studded belts every single teenager wore

These, coupled with the emo hair and the graphic band tees – a whole look!

Super busy Ed Hardy merch

For the ultimate tattooed look! Super busy, super maximalist, super retro…

Straightened bangs on curly hair

You might cringe now, but this really cut down our getting ready time back in the day, let’s be real.

Fedoras… ALL the fedoras

We blame Justin Timberlake for this one – please, go ahead and google “Justin Timberlake in a fedora,” he must’ve worn them every single day.

Skinny scarves over every single outfit

It didn’t matter if it was winter or summer, we wore these year round!

Livestrong bracelets

The OGs wore these stacked in all the colors you could possibly think of – on our entire forearm!

Laugh now, cry when they’re back in style

*let’s hope we never live to see that day*

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