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Croffles Are The Newest Concoction & Here’s Where You Can Get Them in Bahrain

A croissant + waffle

This is the newest food concoction and, let us tell you, it’s SO GOOD. We’ve tried and tested it, so we can confirm. I mean, it’s essentially a croissant that’s been placed in a waffle iron – sounds simple, but it’s greater than the sum of its parts. Oh, and when it’s loaded with flavors, you’re getting it all. Croffles have officially debuted at Red Croissant Bakery in Juffair Square, and they’ve got pistachio, almond and chocolate croffles over there. If there’s anything you need to try ASAP, it’s these!!

You can also get these at Karmah in District 1

Karmah’s got you covered as well, so you can grab one of these buttery croffles with your coffee when you stop by!!

Here’s to food & more food, always

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