15 Local Food Bloggers You Need to Follow in Time for Ramadan

Photo Credit: The Food Menu & OneFoodLover

Ramadan starts tomorrow & we all know what that means

Food, food and more food. What is it about the holy month that has food on our minds more than any other time of the year? Is it the fasting – or are we generally food obsessed? We’ve compiled yet another list of some of everyone’s fave food bloggers in town – they’ll definitely keep us updated with all the best futoor or suhoor options during the month! Scroll to check them all out:

The Food Menu is one of the most trusted food bloggers in town, and we’ve only heard good things from you guys – plus, her page says it all!

Eat & Rate is all about, well, exactly that – eating and rating!! More honest reviews here, and some of the most best eats in Bahrain!


Some of the best restaurants in Bahrain under one umbrella – and plenty of reviews! Eliminates all our indecisiveness, doesn’t it?


This food blogger is documenting all his cheat days, and let’s just say his influence has carried over to us, too…


It’s all in the name, guys – coffee, dessert and it’s safe to say this blogger’s highlights are POPPIN’ with all-things-food.


A lot of aesthetic eats by one very notable food lover – you’ll even get some fun recipes to try for yourself on different posts!


A pretty popular food blogger in Bahrain, you can catch him at any and all cool food events and pop-ups around town! We’re sure Ramadan is about to bring a few more of these that Sager will tell us all about.


Well, these are the two hungry ‘koalas’ of Bahrain – taking us on a whole trip of food, travel and photography!

Rashid is blogging all about food with a promise of all the latest food & restaurants in Bahrain!

Cravings 104

We can definitely say ‘cravings satisfied’ with this group of food lovers’ endless yummy options, all laid out for us!

This started as a Facebook page all about honest food reviews at spots around the Kingdom, and is now documenting it all on Instagram too – with the promise of keeping it real!


It’s all about food and lifestyle for these food bloggers – all Bahrainis’ favorite thing!

The Bahrain Blog

This ‘Bahraini Foodie’ stays on top of all the newest food talk of the town, so we can count on more Ramadan food reviews during the next month!

Eat Bahrain

Very detailed price lists over here with every review, so you’ll always know exact;y what you’re walking into!

BH Focus Food

Active on the daily, this food blogger is always trying out the newest spots in town – check out his page every day and you’ll surely find a restaurant or two to try out for futoor/suhoor!!

BONUS: Table for Five

This one’s a bonus, for everyone who likes to get their hands dirty in the kitchen with a few home-cooked meals with this chef!

Make sure you check out our previous Top Food Bloggers list, for 10 more necessary follows!! Click HERE.

Ramadan Kareem!

We hope this holy month will be a blessing to us all – stay safe!

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