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Top 10 Food Bloggers In Bahrain You Should Follow ASAP

Bahrain can definitely be described as a foodie nation, and so we’re bound to have some great food bloggers & critics. These accounts are great to follow especially if you love to try new eats and experiences – scroll through to see our top 10:


Local chef and food blogger, Hessa Al Khalifa, has everything on her page. She’s got recipes, reviews and recommendations. She also sells her own burgers which you can book in advance every Friday morning!!


Disclaimer: If you’re easily tempted by food pics, avoid this account cause it’ll definitely make you VERY hungry. If you can handle it, tune in to her page for some great food pics and even better reviews!


An absolute fave over here, everylittlecrumb is a local blogger and recipe developer – and her recipes aren’t only super accessible but also taste REALLY good. Give her a follow if you’re in need of some cooking inspo!

One of the best food reviewers in town – her TCL-approved list is basically a go-to for the top spots on the island!


Hello, hello! Bahrainfoodie is not only super relatable and spontaneous, but also provides in-depth video reviews of all the spots she covers – so you know you’re getting the full picture, over here!


Some brutally honest reviews over here, so you know you’re getting the real tea. Iknowhatoeat is all over the foodie scene in Bahrain, it’s basically hidden-gem-central!

Not only a great Instagram page over here – his TikToks are great too. isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind when he doesn’t like a dish, albeit in the nicest way ever! makes sure to cover all the new spots with a full in-depth review and a price list for each – good for when you don’t wanna be shocked at check-out!


Thefoodiefork doesn’t only cover food in Bahrain, but all over the world too! Check her highlights next time you’re travelling to get the tea on all the international eats!


Last but not least, tastebahrain really has the TASTE with loads of great recommendations. A page you should check out if you’re often wondering what to get for dinner!

Bon Appetit!

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