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Local x Local: Dr. Hadeel Saad Gives Us Some Ramadan Do’s & Don’ts

Ramadan officially starts tomorrow, and we needed some expert advice on how to really prepare ourselves for it… It’s our favorite time of the year, but it has proven to throw our nutrition off its course – if we don’t pay close attention to how we’re keeping everything in check!

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Dr. Hadeel Saad, Nutritionist & Dietitian

Dr. Hadeel gave us the know-hows we needed just before Ramadan starts up tomorrow. We tend to develop some habits that end up affecting our energy or overall nutrition during the month, and getting some insight from the Dr. really helped keep things in mind that we may have forgotten since the last Ramadan…

Dr. Hadeel mentioned an important fact – we all tend to get a little more anxious and stressed during Ramadan, and staying away from too many carbs or sweets, calorie-dense foods, and even try to stay away from smoking. The key is to make sure we keep our immunity up, and stay on top of our vitamin intake – so that we’re deficient while fasting and so on!

Thankfully, Doctori is here to help connect us

We can actually have some virtual consultations with Dr. Hadeel through Doctori, the telemedicine platform we previously told you guys about! Dr. Hadeel, along with many other specialized doctors, are available through the Doctori app if any of us needed any more health-related guidance.

You can download the app below:


Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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