10 Ramadan Shows That Should Be on Your Radar This Month

It’s almost time…

Ramadan is only a day away and we honestly can’t wait. There’s so much to look forward to this year and the classic Arabic shows and soaps are definitely a highlight! There’s so many lined up from comedies to dramas to even some action & adventure shows – and the best part? You can watch them every single night – so you’ll definitely get your fill over here. Scroll through to check them out:


Where: MBC & Shahid

Khali Balik Mn Zizi

Where: MBC Masr & Shahid

Qasr Al Nile

Where: MBC Masr & Shahid

Newton’s Cradle

Where: Dubai TV

Dif3at Beirut

Where: MBC Dramas & Shahid


Where: Btv

Wa Kl Ma Niftari’8

Where: OSN

Al Namous

Where: OSN

Yalla Nit’3asha

Where: OSN

Al Namir

Where: Abu Dhabi TV

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