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Local x Local: Dr. Anne Mostafa Talks Mental Health & The Importance Of Empathy

Yesterday was the International Day of Happiness so, first off, LocalBH is sending out a whole lotta the positive vibes your way! It’s definitely been an eventful year for us all, and as social people, we weren’t really built for isolation caused by the pandemic… So, it helps to get some insight on the way forward, especially from a licensed professional.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Dr. Anne Mostafa, therapist and Founder of Element Inc. Psychology Clinic

We talked to Dr. Anne about the essence of mental health, the subjectivity that comes with the concept of ‘being happy’ and how the past year has changed our habits.

The main takeaway: it’s ok to ask for help

Dr. Anne highlighted that mental health, just like physical health, sometimes requires assistance. If you’re feeling under the weather you’d go to the clinic, and that’s exactly the attitude we should have towards our mental health!

Dr. Anne also discussed the effects of the ongoing pandemic on our emotional and mental wellbeing. In truth, we as humans were not built for this – especially children who need socialization. This is why she suggested taking breaks now and then to take a walk or even see a friend in a socially distanced environment.

Dr. Anne expressed the clinic’s willingness, along with her own, to talk to as many locals as possible should they need it. The quickest way to reach her would be through the clinic itself, by calling 66929422 to book an appointment with her.

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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