This Bahraini Series Is Back For Season 2 & You Need To Check It Out

By our very own local comedian, Ahmed Sharif

Ahmed Sharif’s series “AlMisbah” is back with Season 2 and it’s already going viral! The series debuted last year, and it got a lot of positive interactions – so it’s back with another one! The first episode was released a week ago, but the second came out yesterday, and it got a million views in only TEN HOURS and was even trending on YouTube across the GCC!! Basically, making waves out here.

Every episode dissects different social issues which we find in our everyday society, with a satirical and comedic approach. Also, the episodes are under 40 minutes, so we don’t have to feel too bad about procrastinating when watching them…

Check out the trailer for Episode 2 below:

The second episode is already uploaded to YouTube, click HERE to watch the full thing!

If you haven’t watched the series at all, check out the first episode:

Happy procrastinating!

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