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Local x Local: The Cofounders Of 5osh Fkra Talk About Podcasting In Bahrain

The newest “thing” or trend right now has got to be the podcast life. We’ve seen so many up & coming podcast channels in Bahrain, many of which are founded or started by our very own: locals!

On this week’s episode, we sat down with the cofounders of 5osh Fkra, a Bahraini podcast

A group of 3 locals, Bader, Wasan and Abdulla, decided to start up one of the coolest platforms we’ve come across recently. 5osh Fkra is a podcast where the cofounders sit down with different entrepreneurs to delve into their journeys.

The team follows a very local and Bahraini tone in the content they put out, which makes it all engaging and very easy to follow. Not to mention, the topics they cover are the ones we’d all wanna know about – and their approach is perfectly Bahraini!!

It’s not just a podcast, though

5osh Fkra stands as a whole platform, and one of the segments underneath it is the podcast. They have hopes of developing it even further, starting with Season 2 that’ll be coming soon. They’ll come back with more in-person interviews, more influential guests and many more local highlights!

Catch 5osh Fkra’s hosts on the new-age audio chat app, Clubhouse, where we’ll probably have another fun talk with them on there pretty soon!!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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