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Local x Local: Leena Al Mannai Discusses Making Food Your Business

The Bahraini market is filled to the brim with different Food & Beverage businesses in the Hospitality sector as a whole – a sector that is constantly innovating and coming up with the most interesting concepts. How many times, though, have we seen a business succeed up until a point, but then shut down a year later?

To truly be successful, a business would need to secure its presence in the market with a more targeted yet holistic approach.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Leena Al Mannai, CEO and Founder of Culinaire & Beyond

As a specialized consultancy in the F&B and hospitality sector, Culinaire & Beyond stands to market the services of different operators in Bahrain with primarily holistic methods. Businesses’ marketing solutions are completely adhered to, leaving no unanswered questions or uncertainty!

A specialized consultancy

You don’t have to go into the market blind – research and preparation are key steps that need to be taken for a successful launch!

Culinaire & Beyond has been around for about 5 years’ now, with an abundance of knowledge and expertise to support businesses in the sector, specifically those looking for some guidance on moving forward – from a digital marketing standpoint.

Culinaire & Beyond has got you covered

Leena told us that the company is prepared to provide its services to any businesses that need it, all you’d need to do is message Culinaire & Beyond on Instagram (HERE) or via email on!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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