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Local x Local: Sarmad Ahmad Talks About Mental Health & Corporate Wellness

A rather disregarded aspect to mental and emotional wellbeing, is corporate wellness. While there are several platforms in Bahrain that cater to specific mental and emotional needs that we should all be aware of, we want to shed some light on one that spans out even further – including corporate wellness as part of its services.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Sarmad Ahmad, Managing Director of Saaya Health

Saaya Health is basically a platform for culturally relevant emotional and mental wellbeing. What that means is that the experience you’d have here is very specific to your own culture and environment. As Sarmad told us, if you were to speak with a counselor, they won’t be giving you advice that you can’t actively apply – whether due to your culture, location or otherwise. The platform is even crossing borders beyond our hometown, operating in 7 countries in 10 different languages! To give you a sense of the magnitude and reach, the platform covers 27,000+ employees at the moment.

What’s special here is that it’s really an all-inclusive platform. Anyone who’s looking for help will find it, whether an individual or a corporate business.

We also discussed the idea of corporate wellness

A factor that isn’t always adhered to, unfortunately. Sarmad talked to us about the aspect of ‘burnout’ and how it’s actually considered an illness, which many people can and DO suffer from in the workplace. Saaya Health can actually help out in that regard, even by means of training line managers in the workplace to be equipped to consider their employees’ mental wellbeing. The platform occasionally partners up with different organizations and global giants like L’Oreal or Reckitt to, again, ensure the corporate wellness program is followed.

Sarmad told us about the process and how everything is done on the website, so it’s easily accessible – all you need to do is hop onto it (HERE) and you’ll be directed to the therapist you need to talk to. You can also email [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

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