Ramadan is Around the Corner & Here are 10 Local Jalabiya Designers to Check Out

The days when we’re basically only alive at night

Ramadan days are almost here, and one of the best parts about it (aside of the endless amounts of good food) is dressing the part! We’re all about to bring out our thobs and jalabiyas for all those Ramadan nights we’re about to (safely) plan. We’ve put together a list of some of the best spots where you can find really unique jalabiyas with a modern touch to them! Scroll to check them out:

Lale Line

Order through DMs or WhatsApp: 66640343


Order through DMs HERE

Palm Bahrain

Order through DMs HERE

Bella and Blue

Order through DMs HERE

Alhaiba Abaya

WhatsApp: 39992722
WHERE: A’ali

Alheyraat Boutique

Order through DMs HERE
WHERE: Riffa

Desert Dune

Order through DMs HERE

WhatsApp: 32297422
WHERE: Tubli


Order through DMs HERE

973 Glam

Order through DMs HERE

Happy Ramadan prepping!

We’re definitely ordering a bunch of these ASAP…

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