10 Streetwear Plugs in Bahrain You Need to Check Out ASAP

This is your go-to list for all-things streetwear

If you’re looking for some new fits, we’ve got the plugs. It’s never too late to redefine your style and try on some new things, and we’ve got a list of the best. We got a lot of recommendations from you guys on the go-to’s when it comes to streetwear brands that are local to our island – and obviously, they have to be on your radar (and in your closet). Scroll below to check them out:

Round 43

This local streetwear brand was founded by an 18-year-old, and it has all kinds of artistic pieces – all painted by hand!!

Mn Wain

One of our fave local brands, which can print your city or hometown across the front or back of the hoodies. Some locals (like our fave local artist, Wrista) even get their names embroidered on their hoodies. Super minimalist, SUPER cool.

Maad Solar

For all that Hip-Hop hype, Maad Solar is THE plug for some of the best merch from your fave artists!


This is basically streetwear central: Awesome Jordans, sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts that have relatable quotes and saying on them – even some from famous music artists! They’ve even got you covered with jewelry and accessories.

Swag Up

This one’s got our fave childhood cartoons printed onto their hoodies or t-shirts, and even celebrities and famous figures. Oh, and they’ve got some Bahraini sayings printed on their clothing – if you’d like to walk around with some sarcasm on your clothes.


Customized printing with this one! ByAy prints different popular series characters – like the Joey hoodie above. We briefly talked to Ayman, the founder, about his brand, and let’s just say that the quality you’re getting here is pretty unmatched!!


Super detailed and trendy designs over here!! This brand will embroider your fave song tracks on the hoodies, or print anime and cartoons on them as well!! Bonus: they ship worldwide!

Drip Zone

This brand’s got you covered with all you’d ever need on your clothes – to make them fit for the streets. Customized hats, shirts and hoodies ft. popular rappers and artists!


Another local brand that we’re BIG fans of – they take the concept of streetwear and REALLY run with it! The brand’s style is easily identifiable, what with their graphic pieces and street-like vibes.

Ultra Tribe

This local brand has glow-in-the-dark apparel and it’s beyond trippy… The hoodies are super graphic and are designed in a way where all attention is on the super artistic patterns – it takes streetwear to a whole new edgy level.

Also, here are a bunch of options we love that you can get online:




There you have it, all the brands that are serving up looks! Go on and get your ‘drip.’

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