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10 Beauty & Skincare Accounts That Should Be On Your Radar

Summer’s around the corner

And let’s be real, we all wanna look like we do at ‘golden hour’ every other time of the day. With the amount of products in the market that currently claim to ‘work wonders,’ it’s always good to get the know-hows from leaders in the industry, or specialists who actually know all about them. Not only that, but a few tips and tricks or daily motivation goes a LONG way to help keep us on track.

We’ve curated a list of the accounts you absolutely have to be following, especially if you’re big on skincare – which we honestly all should be. It’s 2021, guys, take care of your skin… Also, some of these accounts offer products that you can get, many of which are exclusive and hard to come by! Scroll to check these out:

The newest beauty account on our radar! essentialbeauty is all about beauty and education, not to mention the EXCLUSIVE products the account displays and actually sells. You can find products on the account that are usually either sold out at other beauty merchants on the island, or imported in – so you’re getting a few gems that you wouldn’t easily (or generally) find in Bahrain. This is a go-to page for those who are simply trying to enhance their natural beauty!!


A full-on lifestyle page that not only offers all the health and beauty services of the world, but gives little inspo-boosts all the time! It’s the kind of motivation that’ll find you when you probably need it, mid-day. Also, we’re big fans of their curated Haute Health memes.


Gulf beauty is a local Bahraini influencer who has gathered a large following in the region! She has some of the best recommendations of the best products to use. However, more importantly, she lets us know what to avoid in terms of harmful chemicals – pretty helpful AND necessary stuff!!


Seven Concept is basically local & low-key brand central. The account features all sorts of beauty and skincare brands in the region, and many of them follow clean beauty and organic product ranges.


Qiyorro, started by skincare specialist and beauty guru Najla Alfardan, is a Qatar-based ‘conscious beauty’ platform. The platform not only sells the most up & coming ‘clean’ products around, but also shares expert advice from many leaders in the beauty industry as well as REAL stories and experiences.


If you follow Qiyorro, you probably follow its Founder, Najla Alfardan. Najla is a Certified Nutritionist, International Skincare Consultant and calls herself the ‘digestive health whisperer’ – which she DEFINITELY is. On her personal account, Najla is essentially a lifestyle guru. She’s highly knowledgable and emotionally intelligent, so the topics she covers are always extremely beneficial!!

Najla goes live with different leaders in the health and beauty industry to talk about different subjects or products, she posts many different health & beauty tips and tricks in general, and even shares her fave food recipes – we’re here for the chocolate chip cookies.


Beauty myths, debunked. Michelle Wong, the woman behind the account, dissects the many things we thought we knew about all-things-skin. Not only does she cover many skincare & beauty Dos/Don’ts, but she also settles the truth behind myths we probably are used to hearing about.


This one is all about the science behind (and within) the products we use or hear about! A chemist duo over here, giving us their two-cents on the scientific aspect of all the skincare products we’ve heard of or have used. We all know how beneficial it is to get the tea from people who’ve experienced it or know more about it!


A reputable account that talks about the know-hows of everything-skincare, and is home to the exclusive online Nerd Network community – basically a platform that caters to skincare needs via online consultations, with a core philosophy of being real, human and educational! Many skincare hacks and reviews on the page, detailed to the MAX.


The Skincare Edit basically shares different tutorials, cheat sheets, reviews, routines and all the ways to make sure your skin is the healthiest it can be. You’ll find summaries of complicated skincare terms that are probably scary to us all, the best products to use and the causes of various skin issues – along with how to avoid them, of course.

On a final note, Essential Beauty said it best: SPF is your BFF

Take care of your skin, boys and girls!

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