You Can Shop, Book Hotels And Find Pretty Much Anything In Bahrain With This Platform

The digital world is truly taking over

Bahrain’s market is constantly being added to with new apps and sites to make our lives easier and this one is super impressive!

This may just blow your mind: A 15-year-old is out here founding things and we are wondering where we went wrong in our career journey… Say Hello to everyone’s future boss. Basically, it’s Isa’s world and we’re all just living in it.

We sat down with Isa Haji a few weeks ago, to talk about Kulsha as Bahrain’s very own e-directory

Kulsha is an e-directory for basically everything. You can find restaurants, book hotels and really, find whatever you’d possibly be looking for in Bahrain.

During the pandemic, Isa observed how businesses struggled to stay afloat, so his main objective was actually to drive more traffic and direct people to everything they needed virtually. He wanted to find a way to contribute to Bahrain’s economic development in a positive way, and Kulsha was that way! Created by a local – for the people, by the people.

Kulsha operates as both a website and a mobile app, so the convenience factor is clearly there

The e-directory itself is already simple enough for anyone to navigate around, and having a mobile application is as direct as can be. If you prefer a click in-click out process, the website is right there for you to utilize.

The app is the first place to start

First and foremost, download the app! Kulsha has simplified the whole process for us – we can access all the goods from a single app that’ll direct us to everything we’re looking for.

Listen to our Local x Local podcast with the Founder of Kulsha below: