Are Driverless Taxis About to be a Thing? Abu Dhabi Says So

Hello future


So, apparently, driverless taxis are debuting in Abu Dhabi later this year… and should we even be surprised at this point? We are in the digital age after all, and the GCC keeps jumping into it headfirst whenever they’ve got the chance. This time, it’s all about driverless vehicles, which are about to be launched in Abu Dhabi in the final quarter of 2021, as part of a pretty futuristic initiative to showcase what the latest technology can mean for us – and the development of our nations.

It’s starting out small, with Phase One including three vehicles that’ll operate around Yas Island – driving people around restaurants, hotels and malls. When Phase Two rolls around, there’ll be 10 more vehicles, which will extend to other parts of the capital and spanning across other locations!!

I mean, should we be afraid? Where is technology taking us next? In any case, all these developments mean we’ll have a bunch of free time on our hands.

But, also… does the concept of workless work seem feasible?

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