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Calling All Tea Lovers: You Need to Check Out These 7 Local Tea Rooms


Any tea enthusiast would agree that drinking tea is a sacred experience on its own. It’s a time not to be interrupted, and although we know locals are all about coffee, we wanted to give tea its moment – it’s what we drink at home on the daily anyways, right? Scroll below to see a few of Bahrain’s best tea spots:

Tea Club

One of the OG tea rooms in Bahrain! Tea is a very important part of GCC culture, and Tea Club have a CRAZY assortment ready for you. While we find many coffee shops around Bahrain, we rarely find a family-friendly spot dedicated to those who just want a warm cup of tea!


A classy dine-in and tea room that promises to show you “The French way of life.” You can go over to their Adliya branch, or stop by for an afternoon tea break at The Avenues!

The Orangery

An amazing morning spot for morning people to have some good tea with a nice breakfast setup. The Orangery has got a wide variation of pastries and cakes along with main dishes for a relaxing afternoon – one of our faves!


An entire tea experience that just blessed Manama with its presence. It’s breaking boundaries and giving us a great out-of-the-box afternoon tea experience. They serve Japanese tea that you’ll exclusively find here! Definitely a go-to spot if you want to try new stuff on the island.

7T House

A very relaxing spot that many use as a workspace now, too! You can get some great food or dessert along with your tea. So if you’re looking for a place to end your procrastination, visit 7T House ASAP.

Shakespeare & Co.

A fancy all-time spot – they got you covered all day from breakfast to dinner. An elegant place for some afternoon tea and the most delicious dessert selections. It’s tucked away in Zallaq, so you’re getting away from the crowds – is there a better way to enjoy a good cup of tea?


Let’s just say that Majestea serves some MAJESTIC tea, with some delicious traditional finger food that’s honestly the perfect mix for a low-key afternoon. They’ve got juice blends, nice dishes, desserts and basically everything you need at a teahouse and lounge.

Guess it’s time for tea!!

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