Bahraini Talent: 7 Clothing Brands That Were Founded by Super Young Locals

Local talent constantly on the rise

And we love to see it! Hip & cool fashion brands are always surfacing in Bahrain, and we’re always on the hunt for the faces behind them! This time, we’re putting 7 local brands under the spotlight – brands started by SUPER young locals! As in, some are still in high school, and a couple even younger… Scroll to check these out:


Unseen is one of the newest local brands in the market right now, and was actually founded by a 13 year old!! You can get some comfy sweats and shorts sets, which come with matching shirts a pretty trippy and very aesthetic logo embroidered onto the clothes! Oh, and get this, the girl behind the logo design herself is only 10…

Social Diary

A local brand that’s always collaborating with different businesses, Social Diary has brought a Bahraini angle to their clothing pieces, utilizing the Arabic language to give it that local edge!


The 4 Bahraini boys are doing it all at this point. Another brand with crazy collabs always happening and super eye-catching graphics on their clothing pieces. 4 boys are behind the brand – they’re currently between the ages 17-18, but started the business when they were still 16-17 last year! Their inspiration comes from a love for fashion and an observation that Bahrainis – and essentially the whole world – use it to express themselves. So, they’re out here giving us some diverse and creative designs!!


These girls are making the coolest jeans and trouser pieces, patching up different materials, colors and pieces onto every pair they make. The brand not only produces these in the coolest way, but even uses recycled materials to do so! Talk about aesthetics and sustainability meeting in the middle.


This local artist is full-on utilizing his craft in more ways than one! He paints some very detailed calligraphy and graphic art onto clothing, and even branches out with painting on different accessories.


Kensho has been on our radar for a while, with their super customized and wide range of clothing pieces! Most of their pieces are centered all around zodiac signs, super minimalist and embroidered in the most aesthetic way!!

BONUS: Sketched

This is for all you locals who like an artsy touch to your clothing or accessories! The artists behind Sketched are only 19 years old, and although they don’t paint over clothing yet, they’ll paint over any of your accessories – the end result will be BEAUTIFUL, not to mention fun.

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