This Young Local Has Already Published Two Books At The Age Of 11

What were you doing at 11 years old?

Because, well, Ayman over here published 2 books already, and it’s got us feeling pretty bad our life choices this far…

Ayman Al Hitty, a young Bahraini, already has two self-published books out, titled Flint & The Time Machine and Flint & The Big Jar of Chocolate and he has sold 300 COPIES – we’re kind of in disbelief… He’s even had two interviews with Bahrain TV so far, talking about his impressive skills and achievements! It takes some talent and big dreams to achieve something like this at such a young age, and we’re feeling super inspired right now.

We got a chance to catch up with Ayman and ask him a few questions about his journey to becoming a published author

When did you start writing?

Ayman: I started writing short stories when I was 7 years old. But I published my first story when I was nine years old.

How was the experience of getting your first books published?

Ayman: There were some ups and downs on the way but I made it through. The feeling when I touched my first printed copy was amazing. The excitement I felt was indescribable. Everyone was so proud of me, and this feeling motivated me to never stop writing.

What do the books focus on?

My books are based on a scientist called Flint and his brothers. Each book describes a different adventure. The first is about a big jar of chocolate and how when Flint fell in the jar he made a friend called Shadow. The second is about Flint and his brothers using a time machine, and the very interesting characters they meet in the future. Each story has a plot twist.

What would you like our readers to know?

I have sold over three hundred copies of my books. I sold my first book through a book store in Bahrain and markets. It was a thrilling experience. My second book came out only recently and due to COVID, I am selling them only through my Instagram account. The costs of the designer, printer and illustrator was covered by my Eidiya, which makes it even more exciting when I sell a book. I love reading and writing. I feel like I’m in a new world when I read, and I hope to give my readers the same feeling.

Bahrain has supported me as a young writer and I love being called Bahrain’s young author. Not many people my age can say they have done two interviews on Bahrain TV and participated in various events.

We weren’t this impressive at their age, but we have hope for our youth

Ayman, you’re amazing!!! Keep doing what you’re doing – we’re super proud!

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