Drinking Coffee In Baby Bottles Was About To Be A Trend But Bahrain Said No

2021 has been a rollercoaster so far… but we didn’t think this would happen

Coffee served in baby bottles, that’s the latest trend that’s been taking the GCC by storm and it’s been.. controversial to say the least. Many coffee shops in Bahrain, The UAE and Kuwait have started serving these baby bottle lattes causing the baby bottles to run out of supermarkets for those who really need them… you know, the babies.

The trend has been ‘causing online outrage amongst locals who really do not understand the reason behind it, including ourselves tbh.

Luckily, The Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism has already issued a warning to stop this trend right in its tracks.

Are these the end-times?

What’s next, pacifier popsicles?

We’re not trying to give you ideas here…

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