This Bahraini Father-Son Duo Just Bagged A Bunch Of Medals At An International Jiu-Jitsu Competition

One of many victories for these athletes

Remember when we told you guys that Ali was putting Bahrain on the map with his martial arts skills? Well, he’s done it again – along with his father!! Ali and Seena Monfaradi, Bahraini martial artists, are making their way back to Bahrain today with a bag FULL of medals, after they participated in the IBJJF Dallas International Open No Gi 2021 Championship.

Ali participated in the adult black belt lightweight category, finishing off with a Silver Medal, and his dad (who is 51 years old, BTW) bagged two Gold medals, a Silver and a Bronze in the sections he competed in. For two athletes who weren’t even sure that they’d make it to the competition – given the current COVID-19 climate – it’s safe to say that they fought through and made it out with many victories over here.

When they were first flying out on Feb 28th, Ali said:

Academies are closed. Gyms are closed. But this fire continues to burn πŸ”₯

At this point I’m not even 100% sure what my exact destinations/tournaments are, or when I’ll be back πŸ˜‚ But you can be sure that whatever happens, this will be quite the adventure.

Ali Monfaradi – Instagram

How inspiring is that??? Well, Ali, you and your father have made us proud – yet again!

Congratulations to Ali & Seena on this international victory!

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