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This Local Sportswear Brand Is Designed With Bahrain In Mind

Made with the Bahraini weather in mind, guys – it’s serious

Okay, so this is the sportswear brand that’s designed specifically for us. As in, all of us experiencing the weather that often takes over our island. The brand started from scratch, running into many roadblocks until it established itself as what it stands to be today. Basically… the solution to all our workout problems.

It’s not just a brand, it’s a mentality

One where you challenge yourself. Layth is basically the answer to all the questions we ask ourselves on the daily. The brand stands to inspire, empower and create change – by way of athletic wear!!!

The brand spent about 2 years on research before choosing the materiality that would be most suitable for the climate around here. The brand incorporates unique, artsy designs, all designed in Bahrain!

They say that all you gotta do is keep going – that’s the motto here.

Made by Bahrainis, tailored for Bahrain!!

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