This Group Of Consultants Will Elevate Your Teaching & Learning Techniques To The Max

QEEC is an educational consultancy that aim to better the quality of teaching in the region. Their Specialization lies in effective training, teaching and learning techniques, and modern management. So, they can provide help to everyone in the field from school owner, to teacher to even students!!

QEEC can help turn any school around – they’ll come in, assess and diagnose any issues you may have!

And they’ll help you fix them, too

From that point on – they’ll do it all from helping to build strategic plans for improvement, to developing management programs. They can also hold training sessions for the staff!!

Not to mention their weekly free edu. chats on Zoom:

It doesn’t end there

If you’re a student,  QEEC provides translation and proof reading services for all your reports and academic research.

And again, there’s so much to learn from their zoom sessions:

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