Football Lovers: Here Are 10 Great Pitches You Can Rent Out In Bahrain

It’s time to get that workout in

If you’re as into football as we are, you probably miss watching all the action while clubs are on their International break right now. That doesn’t mean we can’t go out and play ourselves right? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best football pitches you can rent around Bahrain. You can book all these spots on the Malaeb app – so it’s all super convenient! Scroll to check them out:

Urban Avenue

What: This pitch in Sanabis, right next to Starbucks is probably super practical for anyone looking to play a game right after work!
Where: Sanabis


What: This pitch is right on the AUBH campus and is fully decked out, and pretty massive. It can actually fit 7 a side!
Where: Riffa


What: Funscape in Dilmunia actually has multiple options for pitches, including 5-a-side and 6-a-side options. A great option if you’re in the Muharraq area!
Where: Dilmunia

Fantasy FC

What: Another great Muharraq-area option. They’ve also got some cool sound effects that’ll play when you score – make sure you book the smart field if you want this feature.
Where: Arad

Kick off

What: They’ve got many options for you over here at Kick Off, including both a 6-a-side and a 9-a-side option!
Where: Saar

Saar Field

What: This field is super convenient for anyone looking for a little bit of privacy while they play. The whole pitch is covered so you won’t have to worry about any passers-by seeing you play!
Where: Saar

Winners Academy

What: Two pitch options over here at Winners Academy, 5-a-side and 6-a-side, perfect for a socially distanced activity!
Where: Isa Town

Football Season

What: Another great private option that’s super female-friendly! A great option if you’re in the Riffa area.
Where: Sanad

Hamad Town Youth Center

What: This center right in the middle of Hamad Town has it all, including volleyball and basketball pitches as well! Super versatile.
Where: Hamad Town

Soccer World

What: Soccer World has two side by side pitches each fitting 7-a-side games!

Have fun out there!

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